Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Established in 2013, the In-House’s Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability was created to meet current needs without hindering the ability to meet the needs of future generations in terms of economic, environmental and social challenges.
Social Responsibility is a framework of measurable corporate policies and procedures and resulting behavior designed to benefit the workplace and, by extension, the individual, the organization and the community in the following areas: Community, diversity and inclusiveness-supply base, diversity and inclusiveness-workforce, environment, ethics, financial responsibility, human rights, health and safety, and sustainability.
Mission Statement
Foster and drive sustainability and social responsibility excellence across the supply chain through the development and communication of principles and the sharing of tools, information and best practices.
In-House Sustainability and Social Responsibility Objectives
1.Reinforce that supply professionals fulfill a front-line role to lead, drive and influence sustainability and social responsibility initiatives within the organization.
2.Commit resources to support sustainability and social responsibility practices and education.
3.Increase management professionals' awareness of sustainability and social responsibility.
4.Champion the business case for sustainability and social responsibility.
5.Advocate that sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are about more than short-term financial decisions.
6.Reinforce the value of personal commitment and contributions including how they positively impact sustainability and social responsibility initiatives and outcomes.
7.Collaborate and share strategies, policies, procedures, best practices and other relevant material related to sustainability and social responsibility both internally and with suppliers.