Professional Development

The core activity of In-House is project management and turnkey execution of complex and tailor made projects in various fields.
Our experience covers a wide spectrum of activities. It ranges from concept work, feasibility study, detailed engineering, to project management, procurement, verification and quality assurance services.
Credibility is not only measured by results but by people’s awareness of the results. Effective communication is the single most essential skill of leadership at every level of the organization.
Interpersonal Communication
Communication styles are diverse, but not always compatible. We advance our objectives by identifying the various communication styles and leveraging interaction to ensure clarity at the interpersonal level. We analyze effective and ineffective listening, develop messages that will be heard, and build constructive relationships in the workplace. Understanding exactly what others are conveying, through verbal and non-verbal behavior, is key to targeting problems and developing effective solutions.

Customer Service
Internal Customer Service: Working Together to Make Things Work
Build motivation and engagement toward continuous improvement by creating awareness of our customers. We focus on sustaining collaborative relationships and clarifying responsibilities, and increasing commitment to our client’s goals.
Leadership & Management Development
Applied Strategic Planning
The goals of our organization are met by effective leaders who make decisions with the strategic plan in mind. Learn to align longer-term strategy with the mission statement, and measure strategic goals against vision, values, and culture.  We work with performance analysis and gap analysis and examine successful strategy for implementation and monitoring.
Goal Setting
We work on adapting and formulating goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, time-based, and aligned to the client’s overall mission and strategy. We guarantee an approach to creating action plans that help ensure that goals and objectives are achieved and we apply follow-up techniques to ensure that commitments and goals are being met.
Motivating and Managing Performance
We define the essential components of a performance management system and identify motivators and study strategies that foster a self-motivating work environment. We recognize the importance of providing continued professional growth opportunities for our team members.