The Met

The Met is an apt example of a well-balanced concept that's out to give people what they want. Serving up international cuisine with delicacies from different corners of the globe, The Met has put together a menu of dishes from France, Japan, Italy, USA and the list goes on.
In parallel, iconic and adapted visual elements were introduced into The Met's interior architecture. An urban setting emitting a subway vibe has been developed to complement the entity created.

Whether you're there to pick up a snack and a coffee to-go, to gather with friends and business partners, to try the sumptuous desserts, The Met is always packed to its walls with regulars and newcomers. Here you can grab a stool in the express section, a booth in the dynamic indoors area or go al-fresco on their terrace. The trick is to soak up the allure of the ambiance while you work your way to polishing off every last crumb in your plate.