In-House is a multinational Consulting, Project Management and Construction company founded in 2007, with headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon.
In-House quickly acquired an excellent record of effective performance in project development and management including the execution of turnkey projects marking a first class reputation in the global marketplace.

Our clients recognize us as reliable partner able to materialize their visions effectively and efficiently. Whether managing complex projects, outsourcing production of industrial goods or working as consultants in production management areas, In-House has been praised for its resolve and professionalism.

Our comprehensive solutions for consulting and project management services in the fields of construction, quality, marketing,finance & strategic management across all industry verticals have landmarked In-House as a Multi-National.

In today’s business world, professional know-how is coupled with flexibility and innovation soon to compete successfully in an ever-changing environment.
Our Mission is to maximize our clients return on investment while achieving their Goals.
We are committed to:
-  Your safety first and foremost
-  Making you feel at Home
-  Understanding your needs and goals
-  Delivering the highest quality vision for the best products and services
-  Forming professional partnerships with our employees, customers and the surrounding community
-  Ensuring environmental compliance for the preservation of our natural resources